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ASHDOD PORT ESG Startup Challenge

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Take the opportunity to pitch in front of key executives from Ahdod Port - The Port of Ashdod is the largest and busiest ports in Israel, handling over 10 million tons of cargo each year. The committed to reducing our environmental impact, but we face several challenges.
You are invited to apply to the open innovation tender where companies will work in cooperation with key personnel from inside the organization to structure an MVP proposal.
Winning startups will have the opportunity to run the MVP and based on its results get selected for a full Pilot.

Don't miss Ashdod Port's ESG Event on September 11 at 1:00 PM!

Join us for the chance to launch a unique pilot program with Israel's leading maritime port and learn more about the tender opportunity !

Unlock unparalleled business opportunities designed specifically for green startups at our can't-miss event. We've tailored this experience just for you.

What's on the Agenda?

Deep-dive into Ashdod Port's most urgent challenges.

Master the ins-and-outs of the tender process

Uncover the competitive edge gained through a partnership with Ashdod Port

Get your questions answered in live Q&A sessions with industry experts


The challenges


Energy efficiency:

The port improves energy efficiency by using more efficient lighting, motors, and appliances. We are also exploring using renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.


Air quality:

The port is a significant source of air pollution due to the emissions from ships and vehicles. We are working to improve air quality by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, using cleaner fuels, and installing air pollution control devices.


Water consumption:

The port is a significant consumer of water due to the need to cool ships and wash down cargo. We are working to reduce our water consumption by using more efficient water management practices and recycling water.


Waste management:

The port generates a large amount of waste, including waste from ships, waste from restaurants, and waste from construction projects. We are working to improve waste management by recycling more waste, composting food waste, and reducing the amount of waste we generate.


Automated tender process.

The Port is looking for a procurement platform that will improve efficiency, transparency, and compliance.

The platform should provide real-time documentation of procurement activities, real time internal transparency, efficient search and retrieval, and automate tasks.


Legal related automated information retention and analisis and use.

The port's legal department is looking for solutions to document projects meetings and decisions
Your solution should:
- Capture and store discussions and decisions related to large scale projects in a way that’s accessible and searchable.
- Track decisions and who made them.
- Store the information in a way that provide evidence for future legal disputes.


11/9/23 | 13:00


October 2023

October 2023

ESG event

Tender Submission Deadline

Pitch in front of VP

Winners Announcement

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